Digital assets and digital clothes can be used on metaverse and worn on avatars. We will create our own metaverse so that digital assets can be utilized.


In the upcoming WEB3.0 technology industry, DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) plays a central role in determining a new business model. GallerieX will proceed with a project to integrate the virtual and the real world experiences through DAO.


GALLERIEX supports the environment to produce stable and diverse content, and partnerships with brands to create a creative and sound content market. GALLERIEX can work in various fields such as art, beauty, fashion, and sports, and will carry out future projects that share social and cultural values with the global generation While maintaining the brand’s […]


Our leading creative and tech team can develop and execute superlative content. transforming 3D designs ready for your target audience on your desired digital  platforms. Highest quality of 3D design and rendering of physical products and brand story telling within digital platforms.


META AVATAR is GallerieX’s premium virtual character project. It’s a secondary character in the virtual world, and it captures another ego of the original. GallerieX connects metaverse and the real world through META AVATAR production and management.

VVIP Exclusive Activations

VVX aims to create WEB3.0 community of global leaders and top 1% VIPs. VVX offers a creative and luxurious experience based on exclusive club activities.


Offline & digital event bringing together a community of inspiring and innovative visionaries whose ambitious actions are disrupting and shaping the future of the fashion and web3 technology industry.


GallerieX supports the business model planning for the WEB3.0 industry through a long-established brand marketing strategy, not limited to digital assetization of creations. Delivering a variety of sensory experiences across the virtual and real world, not limited to digital environments.